Tuesday, November 11, 2008

VMWare: coming to a Smartphone near you

On Monday (10 November 2008), VMWare (NYSE: VMW) announced the release of a new product - Mobile Virtualization Platform. According to an article at InformationWeek.com, the product is described as a "a thin layer of software that will be embedded on mobile phones. It decouples the applications and data from the underlying hardware."

What does this mean for you?

Eventually it will mean that the types of applications that you can install on your smartphone will no longer be dependent on the specific device. In more grandiose terms, it standardizes the mobile platform in the same way that Windows standardized the desktop. No longer will mobile apps need to be tweaked and adjusted for a specific device. Instead, they will write for the platform, greatly reducing time-to-market for applications and substantially increasing customer choice.

The mobile virtualization platform could enable phone makers to bring handsets to market faster, and it could simplify migrating personal data off phones.

None of this will happen overnight. VMWare is negotiating with handset manufacturers and plans to have devices on the street in about a year. But we can be confident that the development community will begin to exploit this new technology very quickly.

Link to the InformationWeek.com article: VMware Brings Virtualization To Smartphones

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