Monday, April 6, 2009

Relational Networks adds packaged software to its SaaS mix

Just about every enterprise software vendor has released, or is making plans to release, a Software-as-a-Service version of their application. I'm working with a major Project Management Information System (PMIS) vendor to get their solution configured as Saas. And there are several consultancies that have built successful practices by exclusively focusing on implementations of SaaS solutions.

But now, at least one of those SaaS-only vendors has come to realize that there is some value in on-site installations. Relational Networks, a California company that provides Web-based CRM to the media industry, is gearing up two complementary offerings. One is a private, cloud-based implementation of the application called LongJump. The other is a packaged version of LongJump for on-site installation. The company recognized that, for all of the benefits of a SaaS solution, there is simply no workaround for some of the regulatory and compliance issues that arise. It's much more than a lack of understanding about the well-documented and sophisticated security practices that industry leaders (like, Oracle, and Microsoft) have implemented. For some industries, it's illegal for a company to co-locate their data on the same physical devices as other companies. I wonder what other SaaS-only vendors will come to this conclusion; and which will make a strategic (and wise) decision to focus on what they do well.

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