Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get ready for mass market Touchscreens

On the eve of the International Consumer Electronics Show, HP has unveiled a new netbook equipped with a Touchscreen. The HP Mini 5102 enables users to navigate through Windows applications and web pages with the touch of their fingers, and ... here's the big news ... it has a starting list price of only $399.

Lenovo is in the mix, too, having introduced the IdeaPad S10-3t convertible netbook, complete with which has a 10.1-inch screen that can swivel 180 degrees and fold over to be used as touch tablet. The Lenovo has a starting price of about $550.

This means that touchscreen technology is going to explode in the coming year. IT managers will be hard-pressed to justify saying no to an executive who wants to spend what is essentially a rounding error for a machine that is exponentially easier to use than today's portable, mouse-bound, devices.

These developments will also force Dell to bring down their tablet prices or risk losing significant market share over the next three years. This is going to happen very, very quickly.

The next big question is ... will the wireless carriers be permitted to keep up with demand?

Credit where credit is due ...
Read the article at Information Week: HP Unveils Touchscreen Mini PC


  1. HP had always done great work to place things in market in economical way and this is also example of same thing. Price $399 is really great which will be apprecialted in market in big way.

  2. hi dere thanks for the initiative and will looking forward to see more product of the company...
    Sean Cruz