Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Useful apps for the Droid

Here are some of apps that I have found to be the most useful for me, not including the ones that come pre-installed on my Droid.
  • Quick Profile: I use it to quickly set the volume for various notifications, based on where I am and what I'm doing. My "car windows down" profile turns the volume up on phone calls, Bluetooth in-call volume, and notifications. My "meeting" profile sets the phone ringer to vibrate, shuts off the Bluetooth, and turns off email and text message notifications. I use this application almost constantly; it's reliable and adds a level of convenience to the phone that is remarkable.
  • GReader: A decent app that displays the blogs that I subscribe to in Google Reader so that I don't have to try and read them in my web browser. The synchronization doesn't work very well, but it opens the posts faster than the browser.
  • Google Maps Labs: There are a couple of really nice add-ons for Google Maps. Namely, the scale bar and the layer button. Both have made the application much easier to use.
  • The Weather Channel: I can get the forecast for the cities I'm interested in, even if I'm not there.
  • Battery Widget: This puts a battery meter right on the main display, which I find to be very convenient.
Of course, Pandora and FaceBook get a lot of use on my Droid, as does Soduko Daily. I still haven't found a good auto-text function, like I had on my BlackBerry. Inserty allows you to pre-compose some text to use in messaging, but it's cumbersome to use. ShapeWriter has made touch-screen composition much better for me, but I don't think it is still available in the Droid Marketplace. I don't know if a replacement has been published.

What do you think?
What are your favorite Droid apps?

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