Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Open Source Critical Success Factors

A paper recently published by a few professors claims to uncover the secrets of open source development success. The results are anything but startling.

Their findings mirror the critical success factors of any project: internal team cohesion is directly correlated to success, moderate camaraderie among external stakeholders is important to success, and that moderate amount of skill-set diversity among team-members should be pursued.

The really good news coming out of this is that the factors are ...
Controllable and

A good team lead can guide their group to a place of reasonable cohesion, though shared vision, motivation and objectives. They can bring together external stakeholders in a systematic way, tuning their cohesion to the ideal state. And finally, they can assemble a moderately diverse set of skills on their team, allowing the variety of perspectives to challenge firmly held - but ineffective - ideas and methodologies.

Credit where credit is due: Network Effects: The Influence of Structural Social Capital on Open Source Project Success by Param Vir Singh, Vijay Mookerjee and Yong Tan

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