Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting more out of mobility

A few years ago, one of my most trusted clients told me that his firm's wireless spending was nearly as much as their land-line spending. At the time, the firm had more than 15 locations in 8 states across the US. How does this compare to your firm's telecomm costs?

According to a recent press release by Nemertes Research, "Companies that have not strategized the use of mobility are much more likely to indicate that their wireless budgets are out of control."

And the value of a mobility strategy does not just show up in reduced costs. The study found a significant direct correlation between the implementation of a strategic plan on mobility and increased ROI from mobile applications.

The relationship between strategy and cost might seem self-evident. But why, then, do so many organizations admit to not having one in place? The press release indicates that over 40% of responding companies did not claim to have ... or to be in the process of developing a ... mobility plan.

Does your firm have a strategic plan for mobility in place?
Do you see your wireless budgets as being "out of control"?

Developing a mobility plan does not have to be hard or excessively expensive. We can see that it is a sound investment and we know that mobility will be even more important to your firm's success a year from now. Now is a good time to contact us for an assessment of your current situation and to develop a roadmap to gaining more value from your mobility initiatives.

Nemertes Research Press Release:
Companies Adopting Mobility Strategies See 60% Increase in Productivity

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