Thursday, December 18, 2008

Global Chip sales forecast for 2009 is down

No big surprises here, but two separate firms, iSuppli and Gartner (NYSE: IT) are predicting a slowdown in global chip sales in 2009. This is not simply a reduction in a previously released growth estimate, but a forecast of an actual reduction in sales compared to 2008.

iSuppli said sales will fall 9.9% to $91.2 billion in 2009. The firm expects 2008 sales to finish up 1.8% at $101.3 billion, which is less than thepreviously predicted 2008 revenue growth of 6.7%. Gartner's 2009 estimate, released on Tuesday (16 December) predicts a 16% drop in global sales revenue.

The only bright spot in iSuppli's projection is that laptop computer sales will still grow by 15%, although is substantially less than the previous prediction of 25% growth in that sector.

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