Monday, October 11, 2010

A record for Microsoft

Your PC will likely reboot on Tuesday night. October 12, 2010 is Patch Tuesday for Microsoft software, when the Redmond-based company releases security fixes and updates to address security vulnerabilities across its product line. This month, the update is addressing a record number of holes in all of its major PC applications. The old record of 34 vulnerabilities - which was only set last month - is shattered by a near 50% increase. Tomorrow's release addresses an astounding 49 vulnerabilities in Windows (just about every PC and server version still in use), Internet Explorer (v6, v7 & v8) and SharePoint.

None of the fixes specifically address the threat posed by Stuxnet, an insidious worm that every IT professional should be paying attention to. However, Microsoft does acknowledge that more holes need to plugged in order to effectively guard against that threat.

Read the Microsoft Security Bulletin for yourself:
Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for October 2010


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