Monday, July 7, 2008

Security still tops the list

CIO Insight, in yet another survey, has found that 41% of "IT Pros" consider that device security is the biggest challenge in the Enterprise Mobility space. No other choice captured even a third of the responses. And the list even included such basic concerns as Containing costs, Integrating applications and Multiple platform support.

Unfortunately, I don't believe that users sense that this is such a big deal. Think about "your" phone. Did the company provide it? Do you password protect it? Are you more concerned about the inconvenience of not having it than you are about securing the data that is on it?

Now consider these same questions as they relate to "your" laptop. Unless the end user truly cares about the consequences of device security, then the IT security guys are fighting an uphill battle.

Here's a link to the survey results at CIO Insight --
Enterprise Mobility Survey

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