Monday, July 14, 2008

Google is winning

It appears that Google is winning the traffic war. It's not surprising, since even novice web users are inclined to "Google" things, drawing traffic to that sight. The graphic to the right was pulled from an article on C-Net, which cites research conducted by Nielsen Online.

Will this mean that Google can firm up their advertising rates? Will Microsoft ever have a website that draws real traffic? To be honest, the only reason I go to their site is to fix problems with their software! But I use Google to publish my blogs, to chat with colleagues around the world, and to research products and solutions. I use Google Earth to verify driving directions. I use Google Maps on my cell phone to do the same, and use their SMS capabilities to get information downloaded to my PDA in under 10 seconds.

I believe that Microsoft's period of dominance is coming to an end.
I believe that Google is just getting warmed up.

The link to the C-Net article: Google wins over more Net users in June

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