Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Real power for your car

AS you look around your world, you'll find lots of technology innovations that have outlived their usefulness. I believe the computer mouse is one of them. Another is the cigarette lighter power supply. I don't even know what its official name is in the automotive industry. But I do know that there is nothing in my car that is less useful than that device.

A modern car engine is more than capable of producing standard 110-volt AC power. But because most cars don't have a standard outlet, we have to buy $pecial power adapters for our phones. We cannot recharge our laptops and iPods. We cannot power a printer or a scanner.

I'm not a camper, but I'm sure that the outdoor sporting industry has come up with creative solutions to this problem. Why are we stuck with same thing that our grandfathers used? Why do I have to buy another device to plug into that ridiculous 12-volt DC outlet in order to get AC power?

By the way, Radio Shack sells inverters ... Inverters & Chargers"

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