Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trouble for the BlackBerry

According to a Nielsen survey of current mobile phone subscribers who are thinking of switching phones, the iPhone is currently the most appealing 'next' phone. But that's not really news, is it. Take a closer look at the graph. Both the Android and the iPhone have earned tremendous customer loyalty with nearly 90% of current iPhone users and over 70% of current Android users waning to stay with their current type of device. Conversely, more than half of current BlackBerry users want to switch to either the iPhone (29%), the Android (21%) or some other device (anything but a BlackBerry?).

The survey was released last week, so it's unclear as to whether the latest BlackBerry device was a part of respondent's thinking. But I don't really believe it matters. I've been predicting the demise of the BlackBerry for over a year now. And these results confirm my suspicions.

The BlackBerry had its day. It was transformational. It was a symbol of success and energy and technical know-how.

But its day has passed. There will be skirmishes, but the war is over.

Thanks, BlackBerry. It was great working with you.

The Nielsen survey report can be found here ...
Android Soars, but iPhone Still Most Desired


  1. Hi reacd thi blog its very help full for me. thank you. then version is to good. thank you.

  2. this is big deal to BlackBerry and they have to be solution.
    they have to be view phone as general user not only for special users.

    and remove some policies for remove the errors in that phone like server, and signal transfers.