Monday, September 6, 2010

Competition for the iPad is coming

Back in April, when the iPad first hit the market, I suggested that this revolutionary device represents a turning point in mobile computing. For that to happen, of course, other manufacturers will have to try and beat Apple at its own game. Samsung appears to be the first to enter the fray, introducing the Galaxy Tab last week. The company expects to launch the device in European markets by mid-October and in the US market in the months that follow.

The most obvious difference between the iPad and the Galaxy Tab is the size, with the Galaxy being much smaller - a 7" screen size. Samsung has positioned the product to be easily carried in pocket or purse. Of course, the iPad has a huge head start in available applications and adoption. But the Galaxy is based on the Android v2.2. operating system, so we shouldn't expect that lead to last forever.

So the Android-based phones have proven to be worthy competitors to the iPhone. Will Android-based tablets enjoy similar success. I believe that the answer will be yes. The price point for the Galaxy is expected to be $200-300 ... or about the same as the entry-level iPad. It won't have the same functionality or elegance as the iPad for another year or so, but neither did the Android-based phones.

Eventually, I truly believe that the mobile computing market will look a lot like the desktop market. Apple will consistently own a substantial minority - 10-15% - of the market. Users who value innovation and elegance will make up their loyal and passionate base. The rest of the market ... those who value economy and utility ... will gravitate towards the Android.

The Galaxy Tab Homepage
Warning: the music is loud and little annoying


  1. after read this blog i think Apple want to research all time for coming with new product and always challenge to market for something to do a new thing.

    But Apple is just like a spider very slowly it consume market easily and others are just seen.

    your point is right that galaxy is small and android os uses but sometime very smaller device is useless in case of reading and accessing.
    because all time you have problem with see very small letters and scroll more to view big data than screen.

  2. John, Thanks for your comment. I do not fully agree that Apple consumes market share. Initially, their innovations attract many buyers and almost complete market dominance. But the competition catches them with lower priced devices that end up attracting a much larger audience. The lone exception has been the iPod. No one has come up with an answer for that.