Thursday, January 22, 2009

Citrix attempts to expand virtualization

The other day, Citrix announced that they are developing a desktop virtualization platform tuned for Intel Core 2 desktops and Centrino 2 laptops with Intel vPro technology. The company believes that this will expand its market footprint by combining central application control with portability and personalization. The new platform aims to enable IT professionals to dynamically stream a centrally managed corporate desktop and applications onto a secure, isolated client-based virtual machine. The trick, according to Citrix, is the ability to cache and execute desktop and application software directly on the PC client.

In English, that means that IT departments will be able to deploy the most commonly used business applications (Outlook, Excel, Word) to users who aren't constantly connected to the network (traveling executives). This has, to date, been the insurmountable obstacle to near universal adoption of virtualization strategies in any business. The C-Level team will support you as you use virtualization to save money ... right up to the point where you tell them they can't check email on the plane. They may wait until you leave the room to start laughing... or they may not. You can never predict how those conversations will really play out.

In any event, if Citrix has been able to pull this off, and if they don't price themselves out of the market, this could truly represent an inflection point in virtualization adoption. On the other hand, it could be just another in the long line of cool technology solutions in search of a real-world problem.

Citrix Working On Desktop Virtualization for Intel Devices (from CRM Daily)

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