Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Virtualization requires security focus

As virtualization takes on greater significance in the data center, it's critical that your security measures keep up with the changes. The security challenges presented by virtualization are different from a traditional environment in several ways. For instance, if network traffic no longer needs to be transported through a switch, then monitoring the switch for suspicious activity will not be adequate.

IT leaders have been slow to recognize the need for solutions designed for a virtualized architecture. According to Nemertes Research, only 9.6% of participants in their recent Virtualization benchmark are currently deploying third-party tools focused on security in a virtualized environment. Since internal threats account for more than 15% of reported data breaches (see last week's post - Data Breaches on the Rise in 2008), this represents a significant gap in security execution. Why? Because internal staff are far more likely to discover the details of your data center architecture, and therefore are in a unique position to exploit any deficiencies.

Now is the time to review your security strategy. Contact Roig Consulting for a complimentary consultation.

Nemertes Impact Analysis

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