Friday, January 2, 2009

Browser choices change dramatically in 2008

Over the past year, surveys indicate that a dramatic shift is underway in the choice of browsers. According to a study published by Net Applications Microsoft's Internet Explorer has lost over 10% of global market share. About two-thirds of those users have changed to Firefox, while most of the rest have moved over to Safari (by Apple). The results are summarized in the chart, showing browsers that garnered at least 0.01% of the market.

The survey results are significant in several ways.
  • First, Firefox now commands -- for the first time in its history -- a 20+% market share. This means that Microsoft's attempt to be the pre-eminent gateway to the Internet has failed. IE's lack of innovation and poor quality has cemented this fact for the firm.
  • Second, Google's new browser, Chrome, went from zero to 0.30% of the market in less than nine months. This speaks volumes about Google's ability to influence the market and stands in stark contrast to Microsoft's failure in this regard.
  • Third, Playstation is on the list. Let me repeat that. Playstation ... a gaming console ... has earned 0.04% of the market in 2008; which is double their market share from the previous year. Whoever said that TV/Internet convergence is dead was premature.
  • Finally, as IE fades, the door will swing just a bit wider for Linux desktops in the corporate environment. Firefox has earned its place as the default browser choice for Linux PC's with excellent quality and innovation over the several years.

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