Tuesday, February 17, 2009

YouTube considers a fee-based option

YouTube is said to be testing an option in which video owners can choose if their works will be downloaded, either for free or for a small fee (handled by Google Checkout). In the short term, this means iTunes will start to have competition for premium video content. But in the longer-term, this development will make it easier to share valuable (as in, people will pay for it) video across the medium. It also means that more high quality content will be made available as the talented producers will be able to generate some compensation for their work.

The download option is important because it will allow off-line viewing of the videos, which will make those long flights easier to handle -- provided you plan ahead, of course. Plus, all kinds of content, from training videos to sermons could be made far more useful to consumers with this option.

Keep an eye on this development. It's a potential revenue stream for Google, and the creation of an incentive for talented videographers.

Google, Inc: GOOG (NASDAQ)

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